BuyingHome InspectionSelling May 27, 2022

Should You Have A Pre-Inspection When Selling?

I’m thinking about selling my house, should I have an inspection before we list? That’s a question that I get every once in a while. The answer is yes and no. Each situation should be evaluated differently based on the ability to fix major or big ticket items that may show up during the inspection.

A home inspector comes into the house and looks for health, safety and potential structural issues that a house might have. If your home is older, you might have some old wiring, an old fuse box, old plumbing, maybe some asbestos wrapped plumbing, vermiculite, etc. All of these items can cost a lot of money to replace, repair and remediate depending on what the inspector finds. If you’re able to repair or remediate any of these items, you simply hire a licensed electrician, plumber, HVAC contractor or an asbestos removal company to come and take care of these items. We then provide the receipt to the buyer to show them that this work was done and this is who performed the work.

However, if any of these items comes up on the inspection and you can’t afford to repair or remediate these things because it’s too expensive, then these known defects will have to be disclosed to the buyer and we will provide them with copies of the quotes for the repairs.

Transparency is important during the sale of your home. So if you’re thinking about selling and you have this question, we’ll go over the pros and cons for your particular house and see if a pre-inspection is right for you before putting the house on the market.